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Game News
'Merchants of Virtue' is a new Alliance rp guild on Earthen Ring.
We are a group of merchants and adventurers who travel the world searching out rare and unusual items which we sell to other players/guilds.
We accept requests to find items from other players/guilds and in the form of quests from NPCs. We set up market stalls from time to time in the big cities and try to attract customers.
You name it - we can get it! And we never overcharge - lol.

All guild members are re-rolls. We will start operating when we have at least 5 members who have reached level 15.
We will try to do ALL instances as guild runs. Because of this, it is VERY important that people are on-line when they say they will be on-line. Guild members may be sent off on missions of their own or in small parties, but a lot of our activity will happen in a group.

Some people will say that Merchant Guilds cannot make money - no-one will buy anything, but I never said that the guild will be commercially successful. Constant failure to sell is just another ingredient in the role-play mix and could be the source of many discussions and initiatives.

A few ideas for the roles We might need (only joking?):
A Marketing Manager
An accountant
A Human Resource Manager
Field Operatives

Maybe some of you will think that this guild has just too many rules, but in my experience, a guild needs a very clear sense of direction if it is to not fall apart.
These are just ideas, and are up for discussion.

Me - and my experience:
I have played Wow for many years, mostly just levelling up different characters. But now, levelling has become so easy, and I have just become bored with it.

I don't like Pugs. Too many inconsiderate people rushing around, criticising everyone who is not an 'expert'.
Guilds are great, but you usually need around 200 members to have much chance of getting a 'Guild Run' together. But guilds with more than 50 members get very clique'y and less extrovert people (like me) can get left out in the cold.

I must admit that I have very little experience of roleplay, so I welcome both beginners and more experienced players.

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